Glory Charm International Ltd

Glory Charm International Ltd is the professional manufacturer for the Aluminum induction as well Polyolefin foam material in great China region.  Our first factory in China established in 1998 called Guangzhou Glory Best Packaging where mainly for importing lining material and provide slitting and pouching services to achieve our customers requirement.  In 2005, we are successfully developed Co-extruded (ABA multi-layers) EPE foam liner which we are the first person in making this in China locally. It help us to fulfill the right market segment in China and solve all local customers concerns about the lead time for the similar material need to source from overseas market.

        Started from 2010, we have our own lamination factory in Guangzhou, China which helping us to make both one piece and two pieces induction liner and offering a wider range of induction liner to the China and Asia markets.  In 2018, we build up EXPE foam production line which can help us to offer high compression foam liner to the market particularly for Dairy, Cosmetic and induction liner backing application.

       Over past 20 years, we have over 15000 square meters production site in Guangzhou covering both 300K and 100K grade clean room workshop respectively for lamination, slitting, punching, glue adhesion…etc.  All of the above facility help us to offer a quality liner product with reasonable pricing to achieve our customer need in Great China and oversea market.  Through the support from our business partner and customer continually, we keep exploring our liner business in 20 years and our total sales of lining material in 2018 reached approximately USD22,000,000.00 which distributed in China, Asia Pacific and Europe regions.


Ever since it began over 10 years ago, our packages surround some of the world’s most recognizable brands found in food, beverages, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical market.

Our objective

With a combination of innovative expertise, the latest technology and a total commitment to service ,we poised to continue its winning performance by more closely identifying and solving problems, improving specifications and addressing the exact needs of the customers.Every customer is important to us.We want to work closely with you,to provide the best possible products for your particular needs.